How does a practitioner become certified?

CETA/ACTE Certification is both technique and species specific.

�  A practitioner wishing to be certified by the Canadian Embryo Transfer Association must meet certain competency requirements and pass both written and practical examinations that are supervised by qualified embryo transfer and reproduction specialists.

�  The Practitioner must be a member in good standing with the veterinary associations of the provinces in which they conduct embryo transfer, and the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA).

�  Practitioners must handle sufficient numbers of embryos annually to ensure competency.

�  Certification is reviewed annually, and in order to maintain certification status, the member must continue to handle a minimum number of embryos annually, satisfy continuing education requirements and maintain good standing with the CFIA and the veterinary associations of the provinces in which they conduct embryo transfer.

�  The CETA/ACTE Certification Examination is only offered at the time of the annual convention. The deadline to submit an application and required information is May 1st, for detailed information including the minimum requirements please contact the CETA/ACTE office.

What does certification mean to the producer?

Producers can choose a CETA/ACTE Certified Practitioner with confidence, knowing that they will be provided with quality, informed services that will result in consistent, industry standard results. A list of CETA/ACTE Certified Practitioners can be obtained using the ‘Members Search’ on the “Members” page.

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency, which has jurisdiction over import and export of embryos and semen, requires CETA/ACTE Certification as part of their approval process. Practitioners must be approved by CFIA in order to collect and freeze embryos for export. This is a very important point to consider when choosing a transplant team to collect your embryos.

Is my practitioner CETA/ACTE certified?

You will know that the embryo transfer practitioner is 'certified' by the Canadian Embryo Transfer Association, if he/she is displaying either of the logo(s) found at the top of this page.