Why Embryo Transfer

                7 day old bovine embryo
Rapid Genetic Improvement:

The most obvious advantage to the livestock producer is that he or she can choose to have a higher percentage of the offspring in their herd from selected donor females, which are known to transmit the genetic traits that they are looking for. The use of an embryo transfer program will result in more rapid genetic improvement than can be achieved with artificial insemination alone.

              7 ½ day old bovine embryos
New Genetics with Virtually No Health Risks:

A producer can introduce new genetics into the herd with virtually no risk of disease transmission. It has been proven that embryo transfer, when performed by following specific and recommended IETS techniques, essentially eliminates the risk of disease transmission.

               8 ½ day old bovine embryos
Importing and Exporting Livestock Genetics:

The use of embryo transfer has simplified and dramatically reduced the costs involved with the import and export of livestock genetics. Entire herds can be transported in a liquid nitrogen tank at a cost that is often lower than that for transporting a single animal.